Tech Demo Releasing Soon

Hey everyone!  I know I’ve been quiet lately with the posts and news on Legend Bowl, but I have some good news coming very soon to share with you today.

The main reason why I’ve been so quiet is because I’ve been working hard on the game and trying to get some type of basic gameplay built.

The goal was to have a working demo with basic gameplay to get a feel for the game and begin the polishing stages to make the game fun and rewarding.  I’m very close to having a alpha demo out that shows off the gameplay and let’s you play through a complete match with stat tracking and basic playcalling.

I’m excited to get this moving and bring you more news as the game progresses.  There will be videos on my YouTube channel, as well as QJB’s channel, so stay tuned!

Here are some new pics of the game to wet your appetites!

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