Chain Gang, Sim vs Arcade, and More – Indie Devlog Update

Happy New Year!

Just thought I’d drop a quick video discussing a new feature to Legend Bowl I think you’re gonna like!

In this video, I discuss adding in a “Chain Gang” and how that adds polish and detail to the game. Being a SIM minded guy, I want this game to have a nice bit of quality and realism even though it’s an old school pixel graphics style.

Normally I would add this to my devlog videos, but thought it would be easier and take less time to just drop this update like this instead. I’m not sure if I’ll continue to do weekly devlog videos to save time while I crunch to get this game released, but updates will come at some level so don’t worry if you like following along.

That’s it for now everybody! Thanks for following Legend Bowl’s creation process and look forward to a release in 2020!

Kickoff Plays, Fumbles, Interceptions, Local Multiplayer, and More – Indie Devlog Series

In this week’s Legend Bowl devlog video, I continued the work from last episode with playcalling and getting the game to run using cpu vs cpu, human vs cpu, or human vs human. It all started with working on Kick plays and getting the game to identify controller inputs on the playcalling menus for either player or cpu alone.

The idea is to work through the game from the coin toss all the way until the game ends and get plays working along with the different player vs player modes without any major bugs. As I worked through this, I started running into weird bugs that were new or old and I never really noticed them before which added more to my plate. Turnovers, ball placement, teams being on the same side of the ball, and other various bugs were popping up as I worked through my task list.

Progress was definitely made and I’m pretty close to getting things working for all the player modes, but you’ll have to watch the video to see how far I got! Hope you enjoy the LONG episode and thanks for watching!

Be sure to leave comments if you want to get your voice heard or have any feedback on the game.

Play Art, Create Plays, Playcalling Screen – Indie Devlog Series

This week was short due to the ThanksGiving holiday, but I was able to do some nice work on the play calling screens. The goal for the week was to start building plays and bring them over to Legend Bowl’s new playcalling screens all while getting the play calling menu to work properly.

The play calling menus were improved to allow for proper scrolling through the play types, formations, coach, and more. The idea was to get the skeleton built for plays to be accessed by the user with the next step being to populate the plays for each category of plays. I’ve been working mostly on offense, but special teams plays and defensive plays are still missing from the mix.

The final step will be to “beautify” the screens with team logos and information about the match so you can choose plays wisely while planning your next play. Of course, there’s making sure this all works with 2 players and cpu vs cpu and all! Plus on the field so players know where to run and don’t get lost when you hike the ball.

It’s a major task and all part of the overarching goal of adding local multiplayer into the game, but one step at a time. I’m exciting to get this working in the game to see how these new plays affect gameplay! The coming weeks will be busy with holidays, but I hope to end the month of December with playcalling and local multiplayer finished.

Keep watching to see if I can make it to the finish line before 2020! Wish me luck!

New GUI Screens, Ball Physics, Plays, and More – Indie Devlog Series

In this week, I tackle (no pun intended) the polishing of menus and screens in the game. This work is a precursor to building out the new plays into the game and building local 2 player options in the game.

The goal is to be able to import custom plays into the game and obviously show them in a nice playcalling menu. Before I get there, though, I must first build out new GUI menus starting with the coin toss screens during the pregame phase of the game.

It was a short week, but I was able to get a nice start to this path of UI changes and also added in a long awaited bonus to add more realism into the game’s environment and ball physics!

Programming a New Input System – Indie Devlog Series

This week I’m reworking the way Legend Bowl handle inputs from the player. Up until now, the game was restricted to only one player and the controller scheme was basic at choosing how to handle inputs from gamepads and keyboards.

The plan this week is to start rebuilding the input system to dynamically detect input no matter what gamepads or keyboard accessories are pressed. This is the foundation to moving towards the game having local 2 player action, so can’t wait to play the game with another human to see how things play out!

Lastly, the Legend Bowl Steam store page needs to get a video on there finally. It’s been too long and I roll up my sleeves to work on a wishlist trailer for the page. Hope you like it enough to wishlist the game!

Is Motivation Enough To Finish Your First Indie Game?

People always say motivation is all you need in order to finish an indie game or any project for that matter. In this video, I’ll tell you what I think the secret is to making progress and completing your first indie game as a solo indie game developer.

You might be surprised to hear how difficult it truly is to make an indie game, let alone finish a commercial title. This video sets out to clear up some of the mystery behind making an indie game and actually progressing to the finish line.

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Legend Bowl – Steam Wishlist Trailer Released

Wishlist Legend Bowl now on Steam!
Steam strore page

Legend Bowl brings you back to the glory days of pixel style football games of the past! Enjoy a hybrid of arcade-style football and simulation aspects on and off the field.

Fully customize players and teams to create an endless amount of variety in your league. Sim-based controls with challenging gameplay mechanics bring the fight to your doorstep!

Legend Bowl includes Tournament Mode, Challenge Mode, Scrimmage Mode, Training Camp Mode, and Customization Modes.

Life as an Indie Game Developer

Ever wonder what it’s like to quit your job to pursue a career as an indie game developer? Well, I did just that and have gone through the ups and downs of working as a lonely game developer in today’s competitive market.

In this video, I’ll share my experiences as an indie game dev and try to shed some light on the truth behind following your passion to make your own video game. It’s not always as great as it sounds on the surface, so don’t be surprised if things don’t go the way you envision.

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