Ever Wanted to Play as the Head Coach?

Have you ever wanted to simply put down the gamepad and just play from the sidelines? Well… now you can with our all new Coach Mode! We’ve taken player control out of the equation and put the playbook in your hands!

Coach mode is a new setting you can toggle ON or OFF before a match begins. This new mode is available across all of our game modes and we’ve been having a fun time playing as the coach. We think it’s really cool to manage your team and call plays to see if they execute how you envisioned it in your head.

Keep in mind when playing this mode you can only control up to 2 teams at a time. It doesn’t work with multiple controllers per team, as only 1 player can call plays thus making additional controllers irrelevant.

Be sure to checkout the video as we showcase the new mode and also talk about some upcoming studio news!

Checkout the official Steam update here!

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