Play Art, Create Plays, Playcalling Screen – Indie Devlog Series

This week was short due to the ThanksGiving holiday, but I was able to do some nice work on the play calling screens. The goal for the week was to start building plays and bring them over to Legend Bowl’s new playcalling screens all while getting the play calling menu to work properly.

The play calling menus were improved to allow for proper scrolling through the play types, formations, coach, and more. The idea was to get the skeleton built for plays to be accessed by the user with the next step being to populate the plays for each category of plays. I’ve been working mostly on offense, but special teams plays and defensive plays are still missing from the mix.

The final step will be to “beautify” the screens with team logos and information about the match so you can choose plays wisely while planning your next play. Of course, there’s making sure this all works with 2 players and cpu vs cpu and all! Plus on the field so players know where to run and don’t get lost when you hike the ball.

It’s a major task and all part of the overarching goal of adding local multiplayer into the game, but one step at a time. I’m exciting to get this working in the game to see how these new plays affect gameplay! The coming weeks will be busy with holidays, but I hope to end the month of December with playcalling and local multiplayer finished.

Keep watching to see if I can make it to the finish line before 2020! Wish me luck!

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