Indie Game Devlog #16 – A New Foundation

Building A New Foundation

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a video on Legend Bowl, so I thought I’d share some updates with you guys!

Let’s start with some back story to get you up to speed on all that’s happened since my last dev log.  Around May of last year, I took a detour and started working on another project I planned on trying to knock out in a few months.  Like any other software development project, things always take two to three times longer to finish and planning is almost always a difficult task to master.

Leading up to the break on Legend Bowl, my main developer was beginning to distance himself and eventually left the project without any notice or warning.  Fast forward 6 months and now I’m back at Legend Bowl 100% and I’m rebuilding the code base from scratch.  Yea that’s right, from scratch!

The reason is two fold… for starters the previous code base was too robust and things were beginning to get a bit unorganized and cumbersome.  Secondly, since my developer left I thought it was time for be to quickly transition into something more manageable.  Something I could build on my own to be 100% intune with all aspects of the project without depending on another coder.

I’ve been working on Legend Bowl again since the start of the new year.  I’m super excited to get this project moving and I’ve made quite a bit of progress leading up to this post.  My plan is build a brand new “state” system which allows me to isolate player behaviors and animations without needing to jump through 20 hoops to get there.  This will be the foundation of the new engine and will allow for quicker tuning for improved gameplay and behavior.

The plan is to get the on-field game working at some basic level and then move onto the polish.  I’ll be sharing the journey with new videos and I progress through this phase so stay tuned!

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