Player Customizations & Unlockables


Do you like customizations?  What about unloclable abilities or equipment?  These are all things coming into the game to make it as customizable as possbile.

Facemasks and Player body types.

The goal is to have fully customizable player characters.  You’ll be able to change faces to your liking.  Player likeness will be elevated in Legend Bowl to make each and every team look and feel different.

Concept art faces to illustrate customizations.

There will be a Player Card area where you can modify your equipment and see statistics for your players.  This screen will show what abilities boosts each piece of equipment will give your player for unlocked assets.

Unlock special equipment boosts!

You can unlock new equipment by completing special challenges and achievements in the game.  Plans are to have an extensive list of add-ons to your player so they can each have something new to bring to the gameplan and strategy.

Clear face shields in game!

Helmet types will be plentiful as well.  You’ll have the option to add face shields to your helmets to show off your killer instincts.  There will be a few colors to choose from and some will have ability boosts as well.

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