Meet the Officiating Crew


Yes, I know, these guys have important roles to play in Legend Bowl.  No cheating allowed, even by the Refs!  No seriously, 7 types of referees have been added to the game to give it true authenticity.

Referee (R)  

Known as the “crew chief”… wears a white cap and is the final authority on rulings and instant replays.

Umpire (U)  

Stands behind line of scrimmage and watches for any holding or blocking penalties.

Line Judge (LJ)  

Positioned on opposite sideline from the down judge, looking down the line of scrimmage.  Watches for offsides and encroachment.

Field Judge (FJ)  

Stands 20 yards or so in the defensive backfields and watches any illegal use of hands and blocking fouls in the area.

Down Judge (DJ)  

Works from the sideline opposite of the press box, looking down the line of scrimmage.  Looks for any offsides or encroachment infractions.

Side Judge (SJ)  

Sits on the same side as (DJ) about 20 yards behind and watches the clock, keeps time, and counts defensive players on field.

Back Judge (BJ)  

Positioned deep in the defensive secondary about 25 yards, generally on the tight end’s side.  Focuses on tight end and actions surrounding him.

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