Indie Game Devlog #4 (Behind the Scenes) – Art, Movement, Throwing Football

New Art Concepts

There’s some new art that was sent to compare against the previous art style.  This video showcases the new sprites to get feedback and see what style works best.

Art concepts resembling a classic game called Sensible Soccer.

Choosing the art style is not easy, just like sound for a game or menu styles.  With that said, art helps showcase the game and the earlier I can get it into the game, the better!  The main decision was to have art from the 8 bit days of the NES or jump up to the 16 bit style of the SNES.

Which style do you like better?

Throwing Physics Prototype

As part of the video, there is a small demo of the ball being thrown to a receiver.  The benefits and negatives that come from adding the built-in Physics engine in GMS2 and how they can help or hurt a game.

Throwing prototype clip from video.

The throwing aspect of the game is something we want to take serious and make sure if looks and functions as reaslistic as possible.  The targeting systems are also part of the decision making process.

What do you guys think?

Player Movement

There’s some small talk about the player movement.  Having the player move with momentum and weight is the goal.  We really want Legend Bowl to have as much of a simulation feel as possible, while inside of a 2D Pixel environment.

Thanks for watching. 🙂


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