Welcome to the official Legend Bowl website!

Do you love old school football games?  Are you passionate about football and want something new?

Well search no more, Legend Bowl is a new Indie title which captures the things we all love about football, but done in a retro fashion.  The game is currently under development with the primary focus being the onfield gameplay.

 What is Legend Bowl?


At it’s core, Legend Bowl is all about playing football with as realistic as possible gameplay, mixed with arcade fun and competitive stick skill action!  The game’s core is gameplay, because without it there really is no game, but the story will be more.

Meet the Hero, born to play football.

Legend Bowl  is inspired by 2D classic football games like Tecmo Bowl and Sensible Soccer, but with a 3/4’s perspective camera angle and a modern style of gameplay.  The field dimensions are built to match that of the true professional sport, as does many of the game’s features.  This game will be for those who want a game that plays like real football, but with a twist of fun and arcady-ness!

The plans are to have an RPG style Story mode where the main hero attempts to become the best football player of all time!  You’ll start out your career with drills and challenges to build up your abilities in hopes of one day making it to the big leagues.



No sports game is without its league and Legend Bowl is not any different.  What we’re calling the “Legend Bowl League (LBL)” is where much of the onfield fun happens.  This is where you’ll take your team into a world of intense competition and try to grind your way to becoming a Legend!

Legend Bowl League

The league will be made up of tiered skill levels, just like the minors in real sports.  You’ll have to work your way up the ranks to get to the final destination of Legend status.  Not only will you have to fight your way to the top, but you’ll also need to keep your skills up because you could easily be demoted to the lower level leagues.

There will also be challenges and mini events to show off your talent and get “street cred” in the beginning of the game.  As you win matches, you become more popular and begin gaining entries into coveted tournaments to play against local teams.

The more you win, the further you’ll get… but it won’t come without its various suprises along the way.  This game will be a quest for greatness and building a true Legend.

This site will be the home-base to follow the development of the game, I’ll post news about every step of the process and discuss various subject with anyone interested!

“Due to the fact that the game is currently in development, the scope of the game might change and this site will be updated throughout the process.”

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